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Posting is the way you tell us that you want to work a specific shift.
Before you post, look to see that there is not somebody already in the shift.
If there already someone in the shift do not post there.

Please do not post for more than one shift for any given work day.

Click on the POST link, enter your first and last name and click on the Post Shift button.

  • Posting does not guarantee you the shift.
  • You must be qualified to work the shift.
  • You must be in good standing with EPS (not have any "no-shows" in the last year)
  • You must have enough seniority to hold the shift
  • If you are applying for a supervisor position you must have previously worked for EPS or have qualifying outside experience.



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If someone with more seniority and equal qualifications wants to try to BUMP you from the shift, they can use the BUMP link.

You cannot be bumped from a confirmed shift within seven days of the shift.

Seniority is based on the date you started with EPS and the number of days worked with EPS.