KFOG SkyConcert at Justin Herman Plaza and Embarcadero Park

EPS was proud to be involved with KFOG's skyconcert in 1997. Some of the services we provided were:

Operations Management

  • On-Site Office & Staff
  • Area Supervisors
  • Booth Layout & Marking
  • Parking Moniters
  • SFFD Permits
  • Port Permits

Site Layout Drawings

Booths & Canopies, Signs, Parking Passes

Janitorial Services, Restrooms, Waste Water Tanks

Security Services

Electrical Services, Generators

Radios, Phone Lines, ISDN Lines

Fork Lift

Tables, Chairs and other equipment for KFOG VIP Party

Embarcadero Park, Entrance to the Hi-Tech Pavillion


Embarcadero Park, food booths


Embarcadero Park, Stage in background