February & March 1997, EPS was contracted to provide support services and equipment for Creative Management Services and Whalen & Associates for a corporate party at Pier 30-32.

Guests were bused from Moscone Convention Center to Pier 30-32, unloaded on the Pier 32 side, then entered through this tent. EPS provided electrical services, stairways and heaters in this area.

The west end of the lot was backstage. Generators on the left were powering stage lights and sound. Motor homes served as dressing rooms. This side of the tent faced The Embarcadero and featured a 12' x 40' long banner.

The east end of the lot held support tents. These "little" tents consisted of a 40' x 40' kitchen tent, two 40' x 60' tents covering restroom trailers, and a 20' x 20' tent for feeding staff.

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